9 Tips on How to Manage Teams More Efficiently

9 Tips on How to Manage Teams More Efficiently

If you’re managing a team of any kind, there’s a lot more to it than just delegating and putting your feet up. In fact, managing a team needs a particular set of skills to manage people effectively. It’s your duty to lead and inspire members of your team, to get the very best out of them.

When you’re responsible for lots of individuals in your team, you will come across some challenges. It’s about finding the balance of respect from your peers and having authority to lead them to success. In today’s digital world, we don’t have to just depend on personal traits, we have technology that can help as well, such as SaaS platforms like CRM systems. 

We outline some useful tips on how you can improve the way you manage your team effectively.

Great Communication

It’s crucial that everyone in your team knows what’s going on with projects, deadlines and making sure everyone is on the same page. Which makes the need for great communication between you and your team an absolute essential for any effective manager.

Being open with individuals and asking them for feedback is a great way to encourage your team to speak to you, if they have any issues or questions.

Build Positive Relationships 

Get to know individuals in your team on a personal level, rather than just on a professional level. You’ll find that team members will be less on edge with you and they will feel more comfortable to talk to you. By putting the effort in to get to know individuals more, such as knowing their interests and hobbies, it will build a much better rapport among the team.

This will result in a happier team and it will have a positive impact on the work generated.

Praise Good Work

No one wants a grumpy, bossy manager who only gives feedback when something isn’t good. If you provide individuals with positive feedback, it will help build their confidence and encourage them to continue with the level of work that you expect. It’s important to acknowledge their achievements, everyone likes to feel a bit special after putting in effort. 

Technology Can Help

There are lots of business tools that can help maintain a successful team, as well as helping you manage individuals. For example, Contapp is a mobile app that helps manage business card contacts in digital form, rather than conventional paper methods.

Another great business tool that’s used around the world in business is Google Drive and Slack. These three tools help you collaborate with team members anywhere in the world, thanks to Cloud technology.

Streamlined Management with SaaS

Another technology worth mentioning which is used by many businesses globally is SaaS platforms such as CRM systems. SaaS stands for ‘Software as a Service’, it’s a software distribution model in which a service provider hosts applications for customers and makes them available to these customers via the internet.

CRM platforms are hugely popular amongst global enterprises through to new startups as a crucial part of their business tool inventory. They are loaded with great features for your team, sales and marketing. Not to mention, lots of integrations with leading software companies.

Show Your Human Side

Everyone is human, even managers. If you’re feeling the pressure and need some help, don’t be afraid to seek assistance. Your team don’t expect you to be superhuman, it’s natural that things can be a bit overwhelming sometimes.

By showing your human and allowing your team to get to know you better, individuals will feel more relaxed and comfortable approaching you.

Make a Decision

Being a great leader means you have to have the ability to assert authority and make important decisions for the team. There’s no room for sitting on the fence and being flakey about decisions. It’s important to stick to your decision and do what’s best for the team as a collective.

Delegate the Right People for the Right Tasks

Your role for managing a team is to identify individuals core strengths and weaknesses in the team. Being able to delegate the right people to take on each task is very important to the success of a team.

Think of individuals in your group as cogs. Each cog uses its particular strength to complete the task at hand. With teamwork, this happens by each member of your team working together and completing their individual task, to reach the common goal.

Become a Role Model

When you’re responsible for people, you’re on a pedestal, so it’s important to set a good example to members of our team. They always look for guidance and inspiration, so if you’re not giving off that positivity, then it will transcend into your team as well. If you expect them to behave professionally and commit to their work, it’s vital that you do so yourself. 

Manage Your Team and Business Cards

Effective management isn’t just about managing people. Download Contapp for free on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store today and start managing business cards in a smarter way. 

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