8 Innovative Tech Startups to Watch in 2021

It’s the year of opportunity in a time where job losses are at an all time high due to the pandemic. However for jobs and businesses, when one door closes, another one opens.

There have been many unicorns come through in the tech world recently. As technology and AI continue to improve, innovation also continues to skyrocket. Certainly the case for the tech industry as more people are dependent on technology since COVID and working remotely.

We’ve compiled a list of the most interesting and innovative startups to look out for in 2021.


There seems to be a lot of tech startups looking to replace traditional email or to come up with an alternative. The best way we can describe Loop is if Slack and Email had a baby, then Loop would be the result. It’s a plugin for Gmail that imports AI-based tools to improve collaboration and productivity amongst teams. 

Loop is a solution that takes away the need for more services by embedding itself into you and your team’s email account. Instead of email chains, you now have instant messaging with Loop and it creates a shared dashboard with your team.


Providing an on-demand American Sign Language Interpreter to use, Jeenie is a fantastic tool for people that have learning difficulties. It’s a mobile platform that connects users to video calls with a live HIPAA-trained medical interpreter for in-person patient communication.

For those of you that have seen the prices language services normally charge, you’d be shocked that they are usually around £100 per hour. On the other hand, Jeenie’s services are around £1 per minute. There’s no surprise Jeenie won a Startup of the Year Award.


This clever startup offers an all-in-one app for both parking space owners and customers. AirGarage automated parking payments, management, visitor registration, and enforcement. It’s a digital and much easier way of controlling car parks and provides very informative analytics with an online dashboard. 

Gone are the days of rummaging through your pockets for loose change to pay for a parking spot. Everything can be done and controlled via the AirGarage app.


There have been lots of FinTech unicorns in recent years, the main ones being Revolut and Monzo. However, Privacy has a different approach that offers an innovative way to make online purchases without sharing personal information.

With Privacy, users can generate virtual and disposable payment card numbers for free. By doing this, users won’t have to share their personal information with online vendors. Reports show that they have generated 5 million card numbers in 3 years, that’s a lot of shopping!


This London based startup is essentially code security that offers developers a ‘secure by design’ method for uploading to repositories. Snyk’s open-source tool spots vulnerabilities within code before it’s committed to platforms such as GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab and more.

Synk has quickly built a community and boasts more than 400,000 developers. It is currently valued at $2.6 billion, well played to the Snyk team!


We’re very used to speaking with Alexa and Siri via our smartphones, but have you ever thought about integrating voice recognition into your mobile app? Speechly can make that a reality.

It lets you leverage app APIs to create engaging experiences for customers with mobile apps of your choice. Having voice recognition in your application isn’t just cool. It provides better customer experience, improved retention rate, an intuitive voice UI and convenience.


As a bootstrapped startup ourselves, we’re very happy to have another bootstrapped startup in the list (woohoo!). Soundsuit lets you create a new music playlist for your business without any issues. Whether you’re a salon, office, restaurant, gym or a bakery, you can easily create the perfect playlist for your staff & customers.

The app will ask you for your favourite music, your event’s theme, and it will get the job done for you in a few clicks.


The name stands for ‘absolutely no-nonsense admin’ and offers business accounts for freelancers and SME’s via their mobile app. Just like the name suggests, it’s no-nonsense approach is what people enjoy about Anna, as customers can set up an account in 3 minutes. 

Plus, a cool feature they have is that customers can scan their receipts into the app and then store them digitally. Similar to what we do at Contapp, however our users can scan business cards into the Contapp app and store them digitally.

The branding is great and quirky, something we particularly like about Anna. 


Okay, some self-promo going on here, even though we’re very early in our startup journey. Although Contapp is a bootstrapped tech startup and only launched this time last year, we have a very exciting roadmap which paves the way for Contapp to become an incredibly popular business tool. 

If you want to see what we have in store for 2021, see below. Alternatively, keep up to date by following our social media pages: LinkedIn, Facebook & Instagram.

Download Contapp for free today on iOS & Android.

Contapp | Orca – Software Update 3.0 (App Update)

As you may already know, our innovative team has been working tirelessly for the past few months on Contapp’s biggest and most innovative app update yet. This will include unique security features, cloud based technology, design improvements, streamlined integrations and lots more features to bring our users added value.

We are in the testing phase now (as of Jan 19th 2021) and hope to launch this app update before Q2.

Contapp CRM (Coming Soon)

Not only is there a major app update coming for the Contapp app that will take our platform to the next level, but we’re also building something special in the background. Yes, it really is a game changer. However, it’s not a CRM platform like you know it.

Our team will be planning the build for an affordable, streamlined CRM platform that will include powerful integrations from leading software companies. This custom CRM platform will be mainly aimed at Startups & SME’s, which our team will start planning after the new Contapp app update launches. 

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