5 Useful Changes That Are Here to Stay in Business, Post-COVID

A world before COVID seems like a lifetime away. The pandemic has been a catalyst for change in the way we work as individuals and also business processes. 

As we’ve had to adapt to a more remote way of working, technology has come to the rescue for us to be as productive as we can, whilst out of the office environment. 

In this article, we touch on some of the changes the pandemic has caused to the way we operate in business and which ones are here to stay in a post-COVID world.

The Rise of Virtual Networking Events

One thing that has been very clear is that virtual networking has become the new norm. Prior to the pandemic, you’d very rarely see networking events take place online. Nowhere near as much as what you see today.

Platforms such as Tevent make virtual events so easy to attend and engage with. You can get just as much (if not more) value from virtual events, as you can with face to face events. In the meantime, with platforms like Tevent, you’re saving money by hosting events online or travel costs. 

From a sustainability POV, you need fewer resources to host/attend a virtual event. Anyone in the world can attend your virtual event because it’s online. Whereas with face to face events, you need to be at the venue, which can be costly and time-consuming as well.

Virtual networking events may not completely replace face to face events. However, the huge spike and easy access to creating/attending virtual events have made them much more popular since the pandemic.

You’re probably thinking, what would happen to the 1,000’s of business cards we’ve just printed? Well, that leads us on to the next digital trend which will improve the way you networking online.

Experience the Benefits of the Modern Day Business Card

The last 2 years have demonstrated that digital tools are crucial to becoming more productive when building relationships in business. SaaS platforms like Contapp, saw a huge surge during the pandemic. It’s easy to see why.

The pandemic highlighted major issues with the common printed business card. With no one meeting face to face at meetings or events, this meant business cards were redundant. 

What does that mean? Wasted money and a lot of paper waste. Unless you’re a Contapp user.

This is why Contapp has been seen as the modern-day, all-in-one convenient digital solution for business cards. Our users could share their business cards with anyone in the world, even during the lockdown. This meant lead generation and sharing information at virtual events were seamless.

Contapp has proven that with a user-friendly all-in-one digital business card solution that also works as a contact manager, professionals no longer have a need for printed business cards.

As a business owner, by switching to Contapp, you save time, money and the planet – when compared to printed business cards. 

You’ve got their business card saved into Contapp, now it’s time to have the meeting virtually. That’s where the rise in video platforms such as Zoom come into the picture.

Let’s Connect on a Video Call

Meetings have gone virtual and this is probably the biggest change that will be staying post-COVID. They’re quick, convenient and perfect for those that work remotely.

Platforms such as Zoom and Teams have seen huge spikes since the world went into lockdown. In fact, Zoom’s sales in the last three months of 2020 were up 370% compared to the same period in 2019.

It makes sense that a lot of meetings are staying on video calls because rather than a phone call, you can still interact with the other person (albeit via a screen). It’s also great for collaborating with teams that work in a hybrid environment.

Harnessing the Power of Convenient Collaborations Tools 

When we were all working from home, it was unsure if productivity was still going to be as high as it was when we were all in the office. It’s fair to say, Cloud-based collaboration tools have made this more than possible.

Platforms such as CRMs, Slack, Google Suite etc, have paved the way for teams to work on projects together as if they were in the same room. Whether you’re working from home, in a cafe or in the office, you can continue to be productive with projects by having access to everything.

It has been said that 99% of all small businesses will have at least one SaaS platform that they’re using. This only tells you that businesses are investing in Cloud technology as teams continue to work remotely and in the office.

Cloud technology has allowed businesses to opt for hybrid working, which many people have been in favour for, for a long time. It gives everyone the flexibility to work from the office and/or at home, whilst being productive with their workload.

Managing the Hybrid Working Environment

More businesses are now adopting flexible working from home and in the office. The main reason is because of what we mentioned above, we now have access to everything we need, thanks to Cloud-based platforms.

It’s also more beneficial for everyone. It benefits employees because they no longer need to travel to work as much, cutting costs and carbon emissions. Hybrid working also allows better peace of mind for employees because a change of working environment can really improve the quality of work and life.

Businesses can see this as a benefit because they understand that there may be fewer people in the office at one time, meaning a downsize in office space could be an option.

All in all, I think everyone would prefer the hybrid working environment, or even have the option to work from home a day or two each week.

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The Final Word

Sometimes we’re scared of change. But in this instance, I think the digital changes that have been forced by the pandemic will improve processes for businesses and individuals.

In a digital world, it’s critical for everyone to have access to files, data and projects from anywhere in the world. This is a world where things need to be quick and easy to reach in a click or two. 

With the help of the digital transformation in business, it allows professionals to be better connected to colleagues and clients. The sustainability and cost benefits play a huge part in the digital transformation, not just the convenience it brings.