5 Tips to Improve Your Customer Journey & User Experience

The customer is the priority in every business. Whether you’re selling a product or a service, making sure the customer is completely satisfied will have a positive reflection on your business. Amazing customer experience always starts with your customer journey, which is where this article will help you improve that.

In this article, we outline some easy tips for your startup to improve how your customer finds, engages and buys from your business. With some extra insight from Intilery, a powerful CRM platform, discover ways to help skyrocket your customer’s level of satisfaction.

Understanding Your Customers

Rule number one, know your customers inside out. Whether they’re existing customers or targeting new customers, understanding who they are and what they need is a crucial starting point. 

One way you can do this with new customers is by segmenting your target audience and creating personas. By doing this, your business knows who to target and what their interests would be, making it easier to market your product/service to.

As Intilery will agree, a CRM is a perfect platform to understand your existing customers with a range of in-depth details from previous purchases or marketing communications. You can use the data from a CRM to create a fictional character that represents your customers.

The Contapp platform is a great tool to use when it comes to understanding the business card contacts you’ve collected over time. Our smart search functions allow you to filter and search through your library with ease, for example, filter by industry. 

Having a Powerful CRM

Slightly following on from the last point. Inilery and their customers would agree, having a CRM for your business is extremely important when it comes to understanding a customer’s journey. For example, you can discover what your existing customers are purchasing, when they’re buying and all the marketing communications you’ve had, such as email campaigns. 

Having this information in front of you can help you understand which customers are engaging with your marketing campaigns and which customers prefer to purchase from different channels.

This will help you in your marketing efforts, to improve the customer experience for a variety of different segments.

Create an Emotional Connection

Everyone wants to feel special, that’s exactly the same for your customers as well. Personalising communications and embracing an emotional connection with customers will create a sense of loyalty to your business. This is really important during the customer journey.

When the customer experience is good and they feel emotionally attached to your business, it will have a long term positive impact on your business. In terms of the customer journey, customers will feel more valued during the buying process. Plus, the emotional attachment would hopefully transpire to recommending your business to others. 

One easy method of personalising communications is by addressing email campaigns to customers via their first name, rather than generic messaging. This is a feature on Iniliery which can be implemented, as well as tailored communications based on various triggers.

Perfecting Customer Service

Arguably as important as the product or service that you’re selling. When things are going wrong, customers expect your business to be there and resolve their issue as a matter of urgency. If your customer service is poor, this will have a damaging effect on your business’ reputation. Responses have to be quick and supportive until the issue is resolved.

At Contapp, we pride ourselves with amazing customer service. We’re completely transparent and accessible for all users and followers to contact the team on multiple platforms. That includes social media (private messages or public posts), Discord community, via email and our support page in-app. 

We believe that investing time and making your company available for customers to contact you in their time of need, will have a long term positive impact on your business. Not to mention, we always encourage users to engage with us on social media or within our community.

It’s great to conversate with our community, whether it’s feedback, sharing knowledge or answering questions.

Get Customer Feedback

Possibly the one tip that will help you the most is to get feedback from your customers who have been part of your customer journey. By getting first-hand feedback from the people that have experienced the whole process from an end-users perspective, you’ll easily find the areas to improve.

This will be the most rewarding, time saving option to take when it comes to identifying what needs to be improved from a customer journey point of view. In the same breath, this will also help improve customer experience. 

This research can often be done with a short survey sent out to all customers. To improve completion rate, maybe invite everyone that takes to be entered into a draw to win a prize.

The Final Word

If you invest time into a well structured customer journey strategy, the result will often be a positive customer experience. Which is why both go hand in hand. Although there are so many other methods you can try to improve the customer journey and user experience, these tips would be a great start. 

From a tech point of view, Contapp and a CRM platform such as Intilery are great examples of how you can use technology to your advantage when it comes to learning more about your customers. When you know a lot about your customers, you can apply different strategies to put these into practice to improve processes, which in turn, drives more sales and happy customers.

About Intilery CRM

Intilery is a CRM only better. Intilery was built by former moneysupermarket developers & marketeers in Chester UK. It’s been designed from the bottom up with both developers & marketeers in mind so while its back end is a powerful CDP that will integrate with practically anything, even proprietary systems, its front end is intuitive and simple to use. 

For example, its Journey Builder is a decision tree that you build using your mouse and drop down menus. Its Messaging Editor is drag and drop, and the Real-time Single Customer View is straightforward and clear. Intilery allows you to monitor customers progress through journeys, introduce dynamic content to your comms and service multiple brands. 

While Intilery is a complete solution, clients can also select elements (like the journey builder or abandoned basket push notification engine) to integrate with their existing systems.

Find out more here.

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