5 Tips for Business Owners to Boost Organic Growth

Starting a business can be difficult, time consuming and very costly. Even when your business is up and running, you still need to work on growth for the business. 

As a small business or a startup, it’s very easy to throw money at marketing for very quick growth. However in the real world, it’s not that easy and a large budget is very uncommon for new businesses. 

This is the main reason why many business owners turn to slow and steady growth, by investing time into organic marketing methods. Organic growth is less risky, more cost-effective and allows your business to attract new customers at a pace that works for you. 

We teamed up with professional copywriting business, The Write Way, for the best tips business owners can look into for effective, organic growth. 

The Write Way offers all of the strategies below, so if anything information below is of interest to you for organic growth, get in contact with Sandra who would be the best person to speak to.

Content Marketing

Covering a wide range of marketing that involves the creation and sharing of online material, content marketing is key for organic growth. Whether its articles, email campaigns, social media posts or video, it all falls under content marketing. We always encourage you to get content proof-read before publishing.

Having a blog page and posting new articles regularly is a great way to generate content from your website and posting it via different channels, such as social media.

It helps educate your visitors but can have a very positive impact on SEO as well. Meaning your website will rank higher on search engines. Check out our blog here.


SEO stands for search engine optimization, which is a digital marketing strategy that focuses on your website’s rankings when people browse on search engines, such as Google. If you’re driving traffic to your website, SEO should be at the top of your list.

There’s lot of ways to improve your SEO rankings, such as relevant keywords, titles, urls and making sure your website’s load speed is quick.

ASO is similar to SEO, however it relates to app stores instead of websites. If you’re an app business looking to drive organic traffic to your app store page, ASO is equally as important to SEO for an e-commerce business, for example. Keywords and titles play a vital role for ASO, as well as app screenshots.

You can check out Contapp on the app store here.

At Contapp, we invest a lot of time into ASO. Just like SEO, both need to be regularly updated with new descriptions and keywords to provide the best results.

Social Media

48% of the world’s population are on social media, which means if your business isn’t on social media then you may be missing out on some big opportunities. 

It’s a fantastic opportunity to share content and communicate with people that are interested in your business. Having a strong community of followers that share and engage with your content on social media is priceless. When followers share your content, their followers see your posts which results in greater reach.

Contapp is very active on social media and our content represents our brand very well – bold and beneficial. We love to engage with our followers, including you.

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Email Marketing

It’s a lot easier to market your products and services to your existing database. Sending email campaigns to a captive audience that already knows your business is a great way to grow and build relationships. 

Remember though, your email marketing strategy has to be spot on. Instead of spamming recipients with sales emails every day, provide value by sending educational content as well. Try A/B testing as well, so that you can see what really works with your audience.

Although you can build a database from existing customers, you can also organically grow your database via landing pages and popups on your website as well. There’s also the option to buy databases, however this is something we wouldn’t recommend and can be very expensive.

Sharing Digital Business Cards via Contapp

Networking is a crucial part of any corporate business and startup. During lockdown, no face-to-face interactions meant that people couldn’t attend exhibitions and events. Which meant no business cards were being handed out. A lot of businesses depend on this form of marketing to generate leads and interests.

However, thanks to our streamlined, smart business tool, Contapp has completely revolutionised the way we share and manage business cards in today’s digital age.

By using Contapp’s free business card app, you can share your digital business card with anyone in the world, on any platform, saved directly to their smartphone. 

Perfect for when you meet people online and can’t visit them face-to-face to give your business card.

More to the point, your business is contributing to reducing paper waste globally, saving time & money and increasing convenience.  

Experience Better Business Card Management

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